What is JSN


What is J12?

J12 stands for Jesus 12 - a team of 12 supporters who come together online and commit a mere $12 a month to support a pastor or church leader in a Third World country. When you sign up and 11 others join in, a J12 team is formed. The funding from this team of 12 is $144 a month (12 X $12) supports the pastor with technological resources, training, and mentoring needed to lead people to Jesus and make disciples in his or her part of the world.

A J12 team stays connected and updated on the progress of the mission through a website and FaceBook page, which the Jesus Saves Network creates for each J12 team and supported missionary.

Over 40 People Have Been Saved With the Help of J12
and 250 Youth Are Receiving Training

Thanks to J12, Pastor Lako Lama and many other Third World pastors with J12 support teams are receiving the technology they need, such as laptops, projectors, screens, and internet connectivity to go into villages, present the gospel, and lead.

Through the funding of J12, the Jesus Saves Network provides these leaders with weekly Bible training and mentoring. The Network also supplies worship material, such as the Jesus Film, brochures, study guides, and live online Bible Studies three times per week, so they can teach scripture and the fundamentals of faith.

With today's technology, we can connect around the world with other believers and spread the gospel without having to spend thousands of dollars to physically go to them.

Within just a few months, over 40 people in different villages have been saved by being introduced to Jesus Christ. We believe the power of the gospel will also bring people out of poverty. All this is only possible with the help of new J12 teams' support for our leaders to receive the training and resources.

Think of what we could do if everyone helped...